Metal Finger Precision

  • Take some time off work and spend some relaxing time spinning this toy with your kids. Not only will your kids enjoy it, but you’ll also find yourself immersed in this tension-relieving game. Help your kids develop their focus and at the same time bond through a simple, discrete and fun game.
  • ASSISTS YOUR CREATIVITY AND THINKING ABILITIES | This is the perfect object to have when brainstorming for new ideas to unlock your creative brilliance. Spin away as the ideas come or use it to study and ace that next test!
  • PLAY IN MULTI WAYS MORE FUN: It can assemble into a inception-like spinning top; it can spin while being held in your finger to show a double Z sign, or and both corners of the cube can be detached to spin on its own.
  • STRONG-DURABLE BODY: Non 3D-Printed, Made of CNC metal, Longer Service Life, withstands drops and impacts, perfect Size toys, suitable for Adults and Kids